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Defining the Human Resource Function

I recently spoke at a seminar sponsored by BizKeys and hosted by Miller & Martin PLLC, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The topics spanned a myriad of traditional Human Resource (HR) topics.  During this seminar I had the opportunity to observe the attendees, mostly Human Resource professionals, struggling to keep up with notes and handouts, I found myself…
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Employment Law in Staffing Arrangements

by Edward A. Lenz, Sr. VP, Public Affairs, and General Counsel, American Staffing Association

Employers have myriad legal obligations to their employees. Paying wages and benefits, paying and withholding employment taxes, providing workers’ compensation insurance, complying with civil rights and labor laws, and maintaining a safe work environment are just a few of them.

BizKeys Wage and Hour Expert: Morris Jennings

The BizKeys FLSA Self Audit Guide was developed by Morris, based on his experiences in the enforcement of this statute and on insight gained during more than ten years of consultation with employers and other clients. BizKeys is proud to have Morris as a contributer to the site. His in-depth involvement with Wage and Hour regulatory requirements brings valuable credibility to his work. Be sure to read the Wage and Hour Self Audit Guide located in the Self Audit section.

“What If” A Series of Crises Situations, Do You Know What to Do?

What if an employee comes to me and tells me she is being harassed by her male co-workers, but doesn’t want to stir up any trouble – she “just wants to let me know”.

Staying Union Free

“Staying Union Free” by Bill Trumpeter, Labor and Employment Attorney, Miller & Martin PLLC, Chattanooga, TN. For more informative information on Staying Union Free become a subscriber to BizKeys.

BizKeys: To Achieve “A Sense of Preparedness”

The HR Function has become one of the most challenging and demanding management requirements facing today’s business community. This umbrella of oversight and responsibilities reaches corner to corner of every employer, whether large or small. It governs the workforce and workplace, from Hiring/Recruiting thru Employment to Termination, Retirement, and beyond. It is confronted with maintaining…
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