Hiring Center

Creating a Sense of Preparedness - BizKeys Human Resources Toolkit

Online Hiring and Screening of Applicants

The BizKeys Hiring Center is a powerful EEO and Affirmative Action compliant applicant tracking tool. It offers a host of features including the ability to create job descriptions, publish job openings, customize skills and essential function requirements, and search your applicants through multiple screening criteria.

  • The ability to track and manage every job opening
  • Affirmative Action and EEO reporting
  • An easy process for publicizing  your posting in other mediums
  • Single collection point for all applications

Avoid spending thousands of dollars on expensive applicant tracking systems.  Join BizKeys and get a full featured applicant tracking system along with BizKeys’ Online HR Reference Library, Compliance/Self Audit Solutions, and Policy Procedure Design Shop.

Put Bizkey’s Hiring Center to work for your company

Take advantage of BizKeys’ Hiring Center.

  • Streamline your hiring process.
  • Save time and money
  • Also includes access to Legal Compliance, HR Reference and Policy Design Shop.