BizKeys: To Achieve “A Sense of Preparedness”

Creating a Sense of Preparedness - BizKeys Human Resources Toolkit

BizKeys: To Achieve “A Sense of Preparedness”

The HR Function has become one of the most challenging and demanding management requirements facing today’s business community. This umbrella of oversight and responsibilities reaches corner to corner of every employer, whether large or small. It governs the workforce and workplace, from Hiring/Recruiting thru Employment to Termination, Retirement, and beyond. It is confronted with maintaining compliance with more than 250 (tried to count them recently and lost count at 250 Federal laws and regulations), as well as many state employment regulatory requirements. Today’s workforce is more educated and keeps a watchful eye, for assumed injustices, along with a list of law firms ready and willing to come after you.

I know these things because I was an HR Director for 12 years and as the owner of a multiple state Staffing Company that dealt with HR issues from multiple perspectives. I have great respect and a certain amount of empathy for those who have responsibility for managing the HR Function from the Corporate HR Director, the small business owner, and the many different levels of company employees that are often assigned these responsibilities. They wear many ‘hats’ and, as I once did, struggle to find the answers they need to solve day-to-day problems. 

That is why I developed BizKeys to help those assigned this responsibility to achieve “a sense of preparedness” in meeting the demands they faced (or will face) on a daily basis.

Jack Hobbs
Founder and President, BIZKEYS LLC

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