4 Critical Management Resources for Business Owners

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4 Critical Management Resources for Business Owners

Small business owners often have a lot on their plates, which makes it essential to learn task management skills. Being able to manage your time wisely, communicate well, and make tough decisions in a fast-paced environment will not only help you run your business, it will allow you to navigate life events as well. One of the keys to building these skills is finding the right resources to help you make good choices. BizKeys is a great place for small business owners to start, offering tips and guidance on everything from employment law to self-auditing. Keep reading for tools that will help you manage tasks both in your personal and professional life in the coming year.

Ask for help

Many business owners find it difficult to delegate work, preferring instead to take care of important tasks on their own. While it’s understandable that you want to oversee every aspect of your business to ensure it’s done right, this is an easy way to overwhelm yourself and possibly cheat your employees out of real-life experience. Rather than face entrepreneur burnout, look for ways you can find help so you’re not constantly being pulled in a hundred directions. This advice applies to both work and life in general; learning to say “no” is a major benefit when you can’t afford to give any more time or energy to a certain task. As for your business, keep in mind that you can oversee many tasks without having a personal hand in them, such as creating an LLC. Hiring a formation service will allow you to save time and still make sure the paperwork is filed correctly.

Manage your time wisely

Like delegating, there are a few other things you can do to manage your time more efficiently. Creating a routine both at home and at work will allow you to stay organized and on-task; you can also utilize alarms and apps built specifically for assisting with time management to help you stay focused. Rather than planning only for the day or week, do both so you’ll have a broader view of your upcoming responsibilities. This will allow you to block out your time to ensure you can get everything done.

Make communication easier

Communicating can be challenging when you’re working with a remote team or when you’re extremely busy. Look for apps and online tools that will help you communicate effectively within projects or in a group. If you find that you’re having a hard time getting things done at home, take a second look at the way you communicate your needs with your family members. You might implement a chore chart for the kids, or put up a dry erase calendar so that everyone can keep their schedules organized. Not only will this allow you to focus without worry, it will help reduce stress at the same time.

Make time for self-care

Stress can pop up at any time, no matter how hard you try to keep it at bay. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to cope when it does arrive, especially if it hinders your ability to practice critical thinking–which happens more often than you might think. You might start by learning meditation techniques that will keep you grounded in the moment to prevent anxiety. Learn self-care practices that fit into your lifestyle, such as making time for a healthy activity or a hobby you enjoy. These aren’t always easy to manage when you have a full schedule, but they can help you take a step back from the stresses of work and make yourself a priority.

Task management comes in many forms, so it’s best to think about where you want to see some improvement and go from there. With the right resources, you can keep both your professional and personal lives organized and on task.

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